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When customers need to rekey lock either for home, business or car, they call the only service in town that is available quickly and all the time. Our 24 Hour Locksmith Tempe AZ services are available around the clock and easily accessible to serve your locksmith needs 7 days a week.

For that if you have lost your key in midnight and think it has been stolen, so you expect that in few minutes a criminal will get into your house! You will find our professional locksmith is available, near you and well-prepared with all the needed tools to rekey your door lock.

Rekeying locks is one of our many popular services, which changes the key not the lock, how?! When locksmith rekey your lock that means removing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs. So the previous key can't attach with new pins.

When you need lock rekey services, look no further. We are a locally based service in Tempe, AZ that will come fast to perform the service.

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Rekeying House Lock

24 Hour Locksmith Tempe Arizona was established in Tempe, Arizona from 20 years ago to care about your security. So when you need to sleep well at night and ensure that no strangers have keys to your residence, call 24 Hour Locksmith Tempe AZ.

Interest with the peace of mind that our locksmiths can give you when they rekey your home lock. With our 20 years' experience be sure that rekeying your lock whatever its kind will be a piece of cake.

You can't open your house door as the cylinder can't move with the key so you think in changing your lock! House lock rekeying is a quick and cheaper service because it only involves changing the lock cylinder.

Automotive Rekey Service

One of the best things about our car locksmith rekey services is that we are available any time of the day or night within all week days. So in case your keys get stuck in the ignition or the key can't turn the ignition switch, so you can't get the vehicle started, don't feel that you are alone.

It will be just few minutes to rekey your car ignition and get back into your road. 24 Hour Locksmith Tempe AZ, can rekey car locks quickly and provide you the safety that you seek.

Rekeying car lock means that you will have new key, so you probably also need key made to cut spares for the new key. No need for worry we have sophisticated tools for this service.

Our auto rekey and key making services are brought to you regardless of where you are located. Our roadside service will rekey car.

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Commercial Rekey Service

You relocate to a new building! In this case you have to install new locks, but if you find that the current lock is secure enough and in good condition, rekeying will be great for your business.

One of the immediate benefits of this task is it instantly replaces the previous keys, which can no longer open the door. But if you need for new lock installation, we have some of the best locks for businesses and can install these in a flash.

Call 24 Hour Locksmith Tempe AZ any time to rekey master lock so that you can have a single key for all your doors.

We understand the importance of time in work. So if you worry about the time that will be taken for Re-Keying all locks to your company! You don't have to worry with company has 20 years' experience. In few minutes we can rekey all your door locks.

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